Concept Sketches

Pencil concept Plan concept
Concept Design

After the site measurements and assessment have been completed, the focus is now on the concept design. Concept sketches start the creative process. Reviewing various concept sketches gets everyone involved in designing their vision.

I usually provide at least three concept designs. I work with the client on the concepts until we have the one concept that meets their needs and their vision. Once the concept is finalized, the planting plan is created.

Focus on Concept Sketch

This concept sketch was for a property that had a downward slope from the back to the front. The site needed a plan that would retain, redirect and slow the flow of water from the upper level to the lower level. Rocks were used on the upper level, along the right side, for retention and redirection as well as, a buffer bed of low maintenance plants on the lower level to slow water flow and facilitate proper drainage.

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