Garden/Landscape Design

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Design Process

Designing anything is a process. First, one must know what they want, which is not always at the forefront. At the first consultation meeting, which is always free of charge, I utilize a client questionnaire that I have developed over the years to start the process.

The client questionnaire allows the client to think about what it is they would like, how they live, what their values are and what type of garden style they like such as Cottage garden; Zen garden or a Contemporary garden or other.

Does the client want to protect the environment and conserve water by using rainwater harvesting techniques and native plantings? Do they want to protect and provide for wildlife by creating wildlife habitat areas? There is a lot to consider during this meeting but the result is a clear picture of what the client wants.

Complete Design Package

A complete design package including plant material lists, construction documents, and planting plan is provided to the client to reference for years to come.

Customer Service

Customer Service is top on my list and the most important service I provide. Working closely with the client to understand their needs and to help them weave through all the options available to realize their vision is critical to my focus on customer service.

Follow-up Service

Most plants take two to three years to fully establish. For the first year, the most critical, I provide a follow-up service to check on the plants and also provide information and answer any questions that might come up.

Focus on Design

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