Planting Materials

Plant Selection

Now the fun starts! At this phase, I start putting together a list of plant materials that are compatible with the garden environment. The list is reviewed over and over until a final list is compiled.

Plant selection starts with the client selecting plants from the plant list that fit into the cultural requirements of their design and site assessment. I then work on making plant combinations for each garden bed. The client then chooses the combination they prefer. All of the above steps will provide the information needed to complete the final planting plan.

Whether I purchase plant materials or others purchase plant materials, per the final planting plan; I provide complete project management from beginning to end to ensure the complete installation of all design and plant elements per plan and client satisfaction.

Plant Location

On planting day, I am at the site to locate each plant, before planting, per the planting plan. Any necessary modifications are brought to the client and approved before the plant goes into a new location.

Planting List Care Package

At the end of the design and plant installation process; I provide a complete plant list with care instructions to assist each client in learning how to maintain and take ownership of their garden.

Focus on Plant selection

A children's Butterfly Garden with butterfly-attracting plants: Butterfly Bush, Black-eyed Susan, and Echinacea flowers.

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