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Garden Design:

Designing anything is a process. First one must know what they want, which is not always in the forefront. At the first consultation meeting, which is always free of charge, I utilize a customer questionnaire that I have developed over the years to start the process. The questionnaire allows clients to really start thinking about what it is they would like, how they live, what their values are what type of garden style they like - Cottage garden, Zen garden, Contemporary, the list goes on. Do they want to protect the environment and conserve water by using rainwater harvesting techniques and native plantings? Do they want to protect and provide for wildlife by creating wildlife habitat areas? There is a lot to consider during this meeting but the end result is a clear picture of what each client wants.

Customer Service:

Customer Service is top on my list and number one of services I provide. Working closely with clients to understand their needs and to help them to weave through all of the options to get to the vision they want to develop are critical to my focus on customer service.

Site Assessment:

After the initial meeting the next step is the site assessment. This is an important piece of work that helps me to learn about the site and how your home interacts with it. I will do a walk-through of your home to see what views can be captured. Together we can assess what you would like to see from your window. I will also walk through the property to assess how your property interacts with the surrounding environment. How the sun moves across the property at certain times of the day, North and South winds, soil and grade changes and drainage. Noting what the natural elements are on each site is as important as seeing how the site fits into its environment and community. All of these factors and elements will play an important role in selecting the plant material and hardscape materials (stone, pavers, water features, etc.) that will be appropriate for each condition.

Concept Sketches:

Concept sketches start the creative process. Reviewing various concept sketches gets everyone involved in designing their vision. This process will continue until all parties are in agreement on what the final concept will be.

Purchasing Plant Materials:

Now the fun starts! At this phase I will start to put together a list of plant materials that will works together in the garden environment. This list will be reviewed over and over until the right plant for the right place is selected.

All of the above steps will provide the information needed to complete the final planting plan. Whether I am purchasing plant material or others are purchasing plant materials per the final planting plan, I will provide complete project management from beginning to end to ensure the complete installation of all design and plant elements per plan and client satisfaction.

Follow up Service:

Most plants will take two to three years to fully establish. For the first year, the most critical, I will provide a follow up service to check how the plants are doing and also provide any information and answers to questions that might come up.

Complete Design Package:

A complete design package including plant material lists, construction documents and planting plan will be provided for client reference for years to come.

Planting List Care Package:

At the end of the design and plant installation process I will provide a complete plant list with care instructions to assist each client in learning how to maintain and take ownership of their garden.

Plant Location:

On planting day, I will come to the garden site and locate each plant prior to planting.

CSA - Certified Sustained Agriculture:

Provide oversight and management of CSA guidelines, organize core group and ensure that CSA is reaching its customers and goals.

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