Site Assessment

Site Evaluation

After the initial meeting, the next step is the Site Assessment. This is an important process that helps me to learn about your site and how your home interacts with it. Another part is to view the site from inside your home. A walk-through of your home can assist in determining what views can be captured. This allows me to ask the client what type of planting materials and/or features they would like to see from their window(s).

There are many things that can be learned by carefully walking and assessing the site. I walk through the entire site to assess how your property interacts with the surrounding environment; how the sun moves across the property at certain times of the day, location of North and South directions, winds, soil evaluation, grade changes, and drainage.

The Site Assessment can show many unique things such as how the water naturally flows, which can facilitate garden bed placement, rain gardens or ponds, etc. Water flow can also show if any drainage concerns may necessitate drainage control methods to keep water away from foundations, etc.

The Site Assessment can also show hot spots in the garden and shade spots; important information to determine where to place the right plant in the right location. Soil conditions can also be determined at this time as well; does the soil need to be amended? Grade changes can be an important concern and can affect how the landscape design takes shape to address the needs of the client.

Ascertaining what the natural elements are on each site is as important as seeing how the site fits into its environment and community. All of these factors and elements play an important role in selecting the plant materials and hardscape materials such as stones, pavers, and water features that are appropriate for each condition.

Focus on Site Assessment

The focus of this project was to keep the water on the sloped property by using low maintenance plant materials to minimize runoff.

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